Medical Engineering Association

The Medical Engineering Association was established in 2013 by the Main Board of the Association of Polish Engineers and Mechanical Technicians (SIMP) as an independent organisation to be focused on the maintenance and safety issues of hospitals and medical equipment. The Medical Engineering Association (TIM) with headquarters in Gorlice assembles highly specialized medical and technical staff from many professions, who are responsible for effective use, maintenance and development of modern hospitals. Thinterdisciplinary compositon of the organisation enables a broad view of scientific and technological achievements, especially with regard tmedicine as well as healthcare infrastructure standards in Poland and other EU countries. Modern medical engineering makes use of international scienti?ic achievements while creating highly specialised medical equipment. The hospital staff’s ability to use these devices and to fully exploit their advanced capabilities is a crucial factor in achieving optimal diagnostic and therapeutic effects. The main objectives of the association are the promotion of advances in medical engineering, improvement of the staff’s technical qualifications and the dissemination of technical knowledge relating to the maintenance of hospital infrastructure. We ful?il our goals by organising training courses for hospital staff as well as by fostering information exchange with other bodies specialising in similar topics in Poland ad abroad. This is achieved by taking part in international healthcare exhibitions, organising scientific conferences and technical trips. Advancmedical equipment and hospital infrastructure need to be constantly inspected, serviced and modernized in accordance with modern healthcare standards. This generates additional operating costs, which need to be optimized and kept down to an acceptable level.